If you have a baby or toddler you will find you are not alone - there are a good number of little people at Emmanuel!
We are glad to have them with us and we don't mind a bit of noise, but if you prefer to take your little one out of the service, the creche rooms are set up from the start of the service for you to look after your child/ren until our creche starts officially about half-way through the service. Stewards and creche volunteers are easily identified by their badges and will be pleased to help you .
The creche is situated in two classrooms just beyond the main hall, which we distinguish as the ‘non-movers’ and ‘movers’ room. The non-movers room is for babies and crawlers, offers a nappy changing station and a place for breastfeeding mums to feed in private and listen to the service & sermon being relayed via speakers. The movers room is ideal for those children who can confidently walk and are up to about 3 years of age.  There is plenty of room to park a pushchair near or in the creche rooms.
Once the creche starts officially, an assistant will give you friendly welcome and ask you to sign your child in (and out) of the session. On your first visit, they will also ask that you fill out a small information for which helps us know the needs of your child - whether they will need a snack, or a sleep, and if it's ok for us to change a nappy, for example.
You are welcome to stay with your child to help them settle, and we will come and find you if there are any problems or they are unhappy.
If you leave a changing bag, we may ask to label it so that we know it belongs to your child. At the end of the service, we’d ask you to pick up your child/ren before enjoying a cup of tea or coffee in the refectory.
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