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If you’re coming to study in this area, whether you are from th UK or are an International Student you may have questions about what to expect as a student coming to Emmanuel. Here are some answers to the questions we hear the most. If you have others to ask, please contact our student team via the form below.


What kind of church is Emmanuel Church?

Emmanuel is a church that believes and teaches the message about Jesus that Christians have always believed. We stick firmly to the Bible as God’s word. You can read more detail about what we believe here but to summarise; we seek, with God’s help, to ‘Glorify God’ in all of life, ‘Proclaim Christ’ to all peoples in word and action, and ‘Grow in love’ for God and one another. We are not part of a denomination, but identify with other Christian churches locally and nationally; we’re part of the Midlands Gospel Partnership and the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches.  We’re also good friends with the other Bible teaching churches in the area and often work alongside them.

What’s the Bible teaching like?

We think that preaching and learning from the Bible is one of the most important things we can do together. We tend to work through books of the Bible explaining and applying them along the way. We also cover topical and current issues within our teaching ministry. A good way to find out what to expect from our Bible teaching ministry is to download a talk or two from the resources section and have a listen.

When and where do you meet?

We meet at 10.30am on a Sunday morning, at North Leamington School (map).  We run our own minibus from the Bluebell roundabout on Warwick Campus, which leaves at 9.45am each Sunday. If you'd rather be independent, the U17 UNI-bus service from campus also comes to Leamington and drives past North Leamington School.

Who comes to your church?

The church started about 30 years ago with just three families, but has grown significantly in that time. Our congregation now averages at around 250 for the morning service and 100 in an evening. The congregation is a complete mix of ages and includes people from a variety of backgrounds.

What is the music like?

We use a mixture of contemporary worship songs and older hymns, each of which are carefully chosen to teach and encourage us. The instruments used by the music group vary, but generally include a piano, guitars, drums and another instrument such as a flute, saxophone or trumpet.

Are you a ‘student church’?

Last year we had around 40 students regularly coming along, including many international students. The numbers vary year on year, but however many or few, we welcome students as a valuable part of our church community, and we miss them in the holidays!

What’s going on for students?

One of the best ways to get a taste of church life is going round to someone’s house for a meal, so as a church we are committed to offering students hospitality with church families each week.  Our students often tell us how much this is appreciated, (sometimes they even returned the favour and cooked a meal for the rest of us!) and a couple of times each term we have a bigger student lunch, all together in one place.
Over the past couple of years, our programme for students has increased with demand.  We run regular student studies on Sunday afternoons, covering a range of Bible studies or topical discussions - this year will be going through the book of Romans together.

Some students meet up 121 to pray with other members of the church, or join a home group. We also have a student membership scheme. This has been a useful way for students identifying more formally with us as a church family, so we can support them during their time away from their home church. Student membership lapses when a student leaves university.

What do you think of Christian Union?

Many members of our congregation have had past involvement in CUs and as a church we are really positive about their work.  We see the work of CU as frontline mission and an ideal training ground for the next generation of church leaders! We want to do everything we can to encourage that work, and realise that involvement in CU work may mean you have less time to be involved in weekday church activities. 
It is important to understand though, that CU is not church, and that students still need good Bible teaching and pastoral support from a church.

What useful advice would you give me?

Starting University can be daunting, and there Is much new independence and freedom to be explored! We would strongly advise you, if you’re a Christian, to be open about that from the beginning, and get yourself into good habits from the start. Many students who give up as Christians at university do so simply because they put off finding a church home and drift away.
fresh book cover

by Krish Kandiah
(ISBN-10: 184474275X) is a really useful book we would recommend to freshers to help you make a good start at University.

We’re not about trying to persuade anyone that we’re the best church and you must come here (though we’d love you to!), but would encourage you if not here, then commit yourself to going somewhere, and if we can help you we will!

If you would like to look more into what it is to be a Christian then please also have a loot at our recommended reading list

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